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Match Made in Boot Heaven

Steve Madden’s “Rattlle” in cognac leather is perfection. 
And after a tragic incident (my tanning oil was packed in a bag on top of my leather boots, and needless to say, ended up leaking and destroying my precious babes), I happen to be in need of the perfect cognac boot.
What a beautiful coincidence.  

real talk

This winter break I want need to go to New York. 

A Neutral Natural

After seeing this posted on Rebecca Minkoff’s instagram, I had to screenshot it and place it in my fashion inspo folder. 
Eva Mendez looks so naturally put together in her Rebecca Minkoff cage heels and eyelet MAC bag. It’s easy to buy black (because it goes with everything) or neon (because it’s “so trendy right now”), but she opted for soft neutrals and threw them together. Timeless perfection. 

Disney Down the Runway

Fierce fashion sketches of a few Disney characters by Sashii-Kami. 

This gives me major inspiration for this year’s halloween costume. 



1) View from our room at the resort 2) OOTD: Comfy beach cover up, oversized clutch, Ray-Ban aviators 3) Victoria’s Secret bikini 4) Arm swag purchases from J. Crew 5) J. Crew bracelet styled with Michael Kors watch and sheer button down 6) Cole Haan “Air Morgan” Slipper

Just came back from a week-long getaway to Singer Island. I was invited by my boyfriend’s parents, and thank god for that. Singer Island isn’t far from Miami, and Miami has a beach as well, but it still felt like an escape. We sat on the sand for hours with tropical drinks in hand then got tackled by waves during high tide. Halfway through the week we decided to shoot some time in The Gardens Mall, which was so beautiful and well-kept and had the best combination of stores. It reminded me a lot of an indoor Village of Merrick Park. Even though there’s a J.Crew relatively close to where I live, I couldn’t resist stepping inside. I bought the two bracelets above and made a mental wish list for one of their iPhone cases and Italian Cashmere cardigans. 

We also spent a day channeling our inner 9-year-old(s) at Rapids Water Park. 

I wish every vacation was never ending.  

This HAS to be the most beautiful maxi dress I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Just the right amount of skin showing, in the most perfect and playful way. 

By For Love & Lemons,

I don’t usually reblog posts, but I couldn’t agree more. 

Thank God for retail therapy. 

(via about-to-blow)

Gold Rush

Both pairs above are by Giuseppe Zanotti 

Last pair by Salvatore Ferragamo 

I just can’t get enough of the gold sneaker trend. My favorite things to indulge in are shoes, so I’m loving the idea of modeling your feet after little gold nuggets. 

My personal preference is the first pair I listed by Giuseppe Zanotti. 
Which pair is your favorite?

P.S. I can’t stop humming the song "Crave You" by Flight Facilities feat. Giselle while admiring these beauties. Haven’t heard it? Give it a listen. It’s perfect.

Currently craving these designs from Rebecca Minkoff (found at

From left to right, top to bottom
1 & 2// Monroe Leather Peplum tank ($348)
3 & 4// Becky Jacket in yellow/nude ($348)
5 & 6// Cupid Satchel in peach ($495) 

The Monroe tank kills me, to put it simply. I’m currently swooning over the peplum trend and seeing it done in leather is complete torture (the ‘bitter-cause-it-isn’t-mine’ kind). AND THE EMBELLISHED ZIPPER IN THE BACK! Just throw it in the bag. 

The Becky Jacket has a soft, edginess that I adore. It’s that perfect go-to jacket you throw on over a simple tank before heading out to brunch. 

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, the Cupid Satchel. The peach colored leather paired with the gold hardware looks so clean and effortless. Perfection. I can promise you, this purse is in my future.